A poster presentation is a type of presentation where the information about a project or a program (in either research or professional fields) is presented in a clear and concise manner on a printed paper poster.

Poster presentations at the Mental Health for All Conference 2018 will be pinned up on large boards in a designated room for the first two days of the conference. Delegates will be able to visit the posters during their breaks and spare time, as well as during the Poster Session being held on the second day of the conference (October 23rd) from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. During the Poster Session, poster presenters will stand by their posters to present the information to delegates and answer questions about their project/program.

Information for poster presenters: 

If you are presenting a poster at the Mental Health for All Conference 2018,  your poster should be no more than 4 feet width and 4 feet length. The layout can be vertical or horizontal.

If you are unsure about what a poster presentation looks like or how to create one, here are a couple of good sources of information to get you started: Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation, Creating a Poster, and Templates for Conference Posters. Here is also a great video tutorial on making an effective poster. Note: while most of the online poster presentation guides are geared to the scientific community, the key elements and concepts to creating a poster presentation remain the same for professional posters.

Poster presentations are listed below according to the stream it corresponds to. Click on a specific stream to read more about related posters. To learn more about each stream, please visit the About the Conference page.

Poster Competition

This year, CMHA is holding a Poster Competition during its Mental Health for All (MH4A) Conference. Participation in the Poster Competition is voluntary. Posters will be evaluated by a panel of mental health experts (both academic and front-line) as well as persons with lived experience.

For more information about the Poster Competition, please see our Guidelines and Criteria. 

Note:This poster competition is only available for those who have been accepted to present a poster at the 2018 Mental Health for All Conference.We are no longer accepting submissions for poster presentations at the 2018 MH4A conference.


Poster presentations are listed below according to the stream it corresponds to. Click on a specific stream to read more about related posters. To learn more about each stream, please visit the About the Conference page.


Public Health's Role in Mental Health Promotion and Mental Illness Prevention

Posters in English:

Mobile Phone Based Peer Support for the Prevention of Postpartum Depression Among Adolescent Mothers: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial | Barbara Chyzzy, University of Toronto 

Social Support and Distress in Canadian Adults with Bipolar Disorder | Christie Warren, Memorial, University of Newfoundland

Providing Families with Knowledge/Tools for Intervention in Suicide Prevention | Esther Inglis 

Navigating Mental Health Care in a Changing Climate | Katie Hayes, University of Toronto

Promoting Connections and Integration through Leisure Awareness and Volunteer Education | Marnie Lucas, CMHA Vancouver/Fraser 

Viability of Creative Mental Flexibility Sessions for Individuals Experiencing Psychological Distress | Sally Safadi, Neurons Away and Upstate Medical Hospital 

Bringing the Body into Treatment: Integrating Yoga within Health Services | Sarah Cochrane, Providence Health Care 

Association Between Mental Disorders and its Variability among Canadian Population | Shamim Ahmed, University of Toronto

Family and Carers: Active Partners in Youth Mental Health Care | Yvonne Pelling, Mary Anne Levasseur, and Chantelle Mireault, ACCESS Open Minds, Douglas Hospital Research Centre 


Posters in French:

Apports et enjeux du travail social en promotion de la santé mentale | Christophe Tremblay, Université Laval

Supporter les intervenants communautaires : collaborer en première pour dépister tôt et supporter les plus vulnérables | Natacha Condo et Stéphanie Fournier, CISSS de Lanaudière

Le modèle des « 4 piliers »: intégrer la responsabilisation à la réadaptation | Tin Ngo-Minh, CISSS Outaouais - Pierre-Janet

Embracing Diversity - Serving Diverse Populations

Posters in English:

Addressing the Housing Needs of Vulnerable Women | Amy Van Berkum, Western University

Enjoy Your Baby: Group-based CBT Skills Course for New Mothers | Anne-Laure Combot, CMHA BC Division

Lessons from Homeless Youth’s Perceptions of Mental Health Services | Camille Arbaud, Université de Montréal

Home Takeovers of Vulnerable Tenants: When Home is not a Safe Place | Corry Comeau, Ottawa Carleton Association for People with Developmental Disabilities (OCAPPD)

Staff-informed Strategies to Achieve Practice-based Competencies in the Community Mental Health Court Setting: A Pilot Project | Dania Versailles, CMHA- Ottawa branch

Predictors of Child Therapeutic Mindfulness Experiences in Children with Autism | Flora Roudbarani, York University

Involving Diverse Stakeholders on Hiring Panels: Transforming Mental Healthcare | Jimmy Tan and Chantelle Mireault, ACCESS Open Minds

Futures Forward, a Collaborative Approach to Working with Youth from Manitoba’s Child and Family Services System | John Finkbeiner and Terra Johnston, CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg

Metacognition, Shyness, and Quality of life in Schizophrenia | Jonathan Jin, McMaster University

Identifying Further Needs for Older Adult Programming from the Perspectives of Front Line Staff | Lana Cullis, Kelsey Haveman and Christina Beeching, CMHA Vancouver Fraser Branch

Transforming Rural Mental Health through Knowledge Exchange | Liz Wigfull and David Grauwiler, Mental Health Commission of Canada and CMHA Alberta

Accessing Services for Depression- The South Asian (SA) Punjabi Community's Experience | Maneet Chahal, McMaster University

Thinking Boldly: Using a Think Tank Methodology to Implement a Strategy for Children’s Mental Health in Pediatric Rehabilitation | Nancy Searl, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

A Partnership for Mental Health - A One Health Approach | Nikki Swenson-Hewitt and Dr. Susan Kilborn, CMHA Ottawa Branch

Mental Health: A Challenge for Nurses Working in Northern Quebec | Norma Ponzoni & Antonia Arnaert, McGill University

Creating Space: Towards Inclusion of Gender and Sexually Diverse Populations at CMHA Ottawa | Sam Kabbara, CMHA Ottawa

Getting What You Need: Responding to Ontario’s Evidence Priority Agenda | Tamar Meyer & Nandini Saxena, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Breaking Bad: Partnering to Remove Barriers to Mental Health Services in Prisons | Tanya Connors, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health


Posters in French:

Qualité des services en santé mentale pour les patients utilisateurs des urgences au Québec | Dr Alain Lesage, Université McGill 

Organismes en santé mentale : Richesse alternative et communautaire dévoilée | Alice Charasse et Aurélie Broussouloux, RACOR en santé mentale de l'Île de Montréal 

La réinsertion à la société civile,partenariat avec l'éducation aux adultes | Christian G Dubois, Centre Bienvenue 

Un modèle d’hébergement digne d'être reconnu | Corina Pal, Les toits d'Émile 

L'approche narrative et accompagnement de la malaide d'Alzheimer | Élisabeth Rhéaume 

Development and implementation processes of MONBUZZ.ca | Mathieu Goyette, Université de Sherbrooke 

L’offre de soutien psychologique aux personnes en situation de désaffiliation | Mylène Demarbre et Catherine Éthier, Médecins du Monde

Programme Santé globale un tremplin vers mon mieux-être : pour un complément thérapeutique de premier choix | Nathalie Coulombe, Annick Simard, et Melanie Pelletier, CIUSSSCN 

Working with Indigenous Peoples to Support Mental Health

Posters in English:

Building Partnerships Beyond Geographical Boundaries to Support Mental Health | Kim Height and Carolynne Oakes, CMHA Champlain East

Culturally Competent HIV Mental Health Services for Indigenous Peoples | Sean Hillier, York University 

At the Cultural Interface: Indigenous Knowledge and Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) | Sherdia Crane, CMHA Vernon & District Branch

Mentally Healthy Schools and Campuses

Posters in English:

Rise and SHINE! Building Resiliency/Wellness at UofT Medical School | Allison J. Chen, Jimmy Tan, University of Toronto

Developing Mental Health Literacy in Schools: A Provincial Case Study | Andrew Baxter and Yifeng Wei, Alberta Health Services

Exploring Student Wellness on a Small Canadian University Campus | Brent Bradford and Barbara van Ingen, Concordia University of Edmonton

Mental Health Discussions with International University Students: A Community Approach | Cameron McBurney, University of Toronto

Mental Health and Support Utilization Profiles of Undergraduate International Students | Chris Barron, University of Toronto

Mental Health Initiatives in Academic Integrity: Pivot Points towards Change | Dana Patterson, University of Toronto

YES! Pilot Study In At-Risk Youth | Fatima Bukair, University of Western Ontario

Shifting the Culture of Schools through Social & Emotional Learning | Kate Tilleczek, University of Prince Edward Island

Relations Between Peer Victimization, Internalizing Symptoms and Sleep Among Adolescents | Kirsten Quistberg, University of Victoria

Enhancing Stress Management Learning in Classrooms: A Building Capacity Approach |  Michelle Ho and Mary June Peacock

Supporting Social Emotional Learning through Physical Activity in Schools | Megan McCormick, Ever Active Schools

The Impact of Schizophrenia on Identity in Young Adults | Nena Y. Wang, Fraser University

Mental Health Promotion and Prevention in a Post-Secondary Setting | Dr. Rosemary Vito, Western University

Improving Mental Health Literacy in Secondary Schools: Two Evidence-Based Programs | Yifeng Wei, Dalhousie University and IWK Health Centre


Posters in French:

Traumatisme et résilience scolaire chez les jeunes dans l’Haïti post-séisme | Jeff Matherson Cadichon, Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Promotion de la santé mentale de la petite enfance à l’adolescence | Paule Giguère, Fondation de psychologie du Canada

PASIUM : Favoriser la santé psychologique des étudiants en sciences infirmières | Valérie Boucher, Université de Montréal

The Science of Mental Health Promotion and Mental Illness Prevention

Posters in English:

Blockchain: Latest Innovation in Collaborative Community Care, CMHA LK and Bluewater Health - Maximizing Client Outcomes, Minimizing Workload | Andre Vandenberk, VitalHub Corp. 

Mental Health & Caffeinated Beverages: Something to Keep in Mind | Josiah Marquis and Roshni Sandhu 

Innovative Real-Time Business Intelligence dashboards for Community Mental Health | Peggy Lucas, Hinext Inc.


Posters in French:

Prévention et gestion des multimorbidités dans les troubles mentaux sévères | Ahmed Jerome Romain, Centre de Recherche du CHUM 

Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health

Posters in English:

Predictors of Early Marijuana Use Initiation | Clea Sturgess, University of Victoria

Building the bridge between Emergency Departments and community-based Mental Health and Addiction Services | Marie-France Langlois, Canadian Mental Health Association

Nurse Practitioner led “RAAM” and “SUIT” clinics through Innovative Care Models | Michelle McGeever and Jolean Lloyd, CMHA Peel Dufferin

Adapt or Fade Away: CMHA Ottawa’s Proactive DBT Program | Samantha Rice, CMHA Ottawa

Best Practices across the Continuum of Care for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder | Sheena Taha, Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

Improving Quality of Life: Considerations for Co-Occurring Health Concerns among Older Adults | Sheena Taha, Robyn McQuaid, Sarah Wallingford, Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

In Short Term Emergency Department Diversion (In-STED): Community and Hospitals Working together to break-down Mental Health & Addictions Barriers | Sinthusha Panchalingam

Brain Changes in Drug Abuse: Implications for Addiction | Timothy W. Parker, University of Alberta

FACTT Waterloo Wellington: A Regional Journey in Designing Flexibility to Meet Modern Complexity | Trish Benoit, and Alison De Muy, CMHA Waterloo Wellington

Mental Health in the Workplace

Posters in English:

Creating Psychologically Safe Workplace Environments | Chelsea MacDonald, CUPE Ontario Women's Committee

Mental Health Care: It’s Not Just From the Eyebrows Up Anymore | Joanne Haddad, CMHA Ottawa

Engaging Executive Leaders' on Workplace Mental Health | Karen Loney, Muncipality of Chatham-Kent, Public Health 

The Aspiring Workforce Toolkit: Strategies for Accommodating Workers Living with Mental Illness |  Krista Benes, Mental Health Commission of Canada, and Sandra Moll, McMaster University

Innovation in Action: A Workplace Mental Health App for Healthcare Workers | Sandra Moll, McMaster University

Web-Based Challenge Measurably Improves CMHA Employee Health | Thomas McKenna, CMHA Ottawa Branch


Posters in French:

Doses optimales d’activité physique et moindre stress au travail | Jean-Philippe Lachance, Université du Québec à Montréal

Accommodations for employees returning to work after depression: employers’ perspectives | Marie-France Bastien, Université du Québec à Montréal

Mieux comprendre l’influence du travail dans le parcours suicidaire de l’adulte | Vanessa Girardin, Université de Sherbrooke